About us

The original Myth was founded in Guildwars, but migrated to World of Warcraft in 2005. Since then we have been present on Neptulon, and Draenor. Just after the release of Firelands we made the move to Draenor, as the Horde population on Neptulon was reduced to almost nothing...


Latest News!

Posted by Pandarus | February 1, 2015


Mythic Kargath Bladefist down! Well done all!

Posted by Pandarus | January 25, 2015


Heroic Imperator down! Well done all!


Posted by Pandarus | February 17, 2015

Currently looking for one part time healer to join our ranks. Permanent position on normal/heroic runs, but standby position during Mythic. This role would suit someone who wants to raid, but might not be able to attend every single raid we have.